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Privacy Policy

1. Availability

Wannaplay puts this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) at your availability in order that you may inform yourself regarding the use we make of your Personal Data.

This Privacy Policy is available at any time on our website on the Privacy Policy section. On the Application you can access it on the Menu > Legal > Privacy policy section. When this document uses the term “Platform” it means the Website and/or the Application.

2. Primary Data Controller

The primary data controller is Wannaplay Corp constituted in Delaware with registration number 6356108 en 22 de marzo de 2017, Tax Id. (EIN): 32-0539006, and postal address in 1000 N. West St., Ste. 1501, City of Wilmington, New Castle County 19801, Delaware, y domicilio postal: 40 SW 13th Street, Suite 804, Miami Florida, 33130 (referred to over and below as “Wannaplay” or “we”, indistinctly).

3. Personal data that we collect and use

In order that you may use our services, we collect and use information and data that you provide us:

4. Use and purposes for processing Personal Data

The purposes we will use your Personal Data are listed below, stating how long we will use your data and what for:

4.1. To provide a service

The use of your Personal Data is needed so that we provide you with our services: i.e. contact a sport fields renter on your behalf. We will use your Personal Data for this purpose until you notify us you will not be using our services anymore and eliminate your User Account. The service provided includes:

4.2. Marketing

We will use your Personal Data for promotion and analysis of our services and those of our affiliated partners, via e-mail, telephone, mail or online media. To this end, we will draw a profile of the User so that we know who our customers are. We will mainly record your preferences and factual information about the frequency with which you rent, and where. You may request at any time that we stop profiling you or your account as a User and/or that we stop contacting you with offers and promotions. We will use your Personal Data while we have your consent and until you notify us otherwise, whether you stop using our services or eliminate your account

4.3. Improve our service.

We monitor and analyze the effectiveness of our services in order to detect and correct errors in our process. To this end, we will use your Personal Data until you eliminate your User Account.

4.4. Fraud prevention

To prevent fraud and to ensure our services are not misused, we may have to reveal your Personal Data to third parties or authorities. To this end, we will use your Personal Data until you eliminate your User Account.

4.5. Contact

If you share your opinion of our service with us, contact us with a question, report or complaint, we will process the Personal Data you provide us. To this end, we will use your Personal Data until you eliminate your User Account.

5. Legal Basis

Wannaplay needs a legal basis to use your Personal Data, we specify this below.

5.1. Provide a service

Your Personal Data is needed to prepare and/or perform the contract between you and Wannaplay.

5.2. Marketing

Wannaplay has a legitimate interest to promote and provide relevant offers to its users, and consent where required.

5.3. Improve our service

Wannaplay has a legitimate interest to perform tests and analyze the information obtained from running its service in order to improve it.

5.4. Fraud prevention

Wannaplay has a legitimate interest and in some cases statutory obligation to prevent fraud and misuses of the services it provides.

5.5. Contact

Wannaplay has a legitimate interest to know your perception of Wannaplay and address your concerns, questions, reports or concerns.

6. Third parties

Para poder prestarte el Servicio necesitamos compartir tus Datos Personales con otros usuarios, con proveedores externos que nos ayudan con diferentes cuestiones relacionadas con el Servicio y con terceras partes. A continuación te indicamos quiénes son estos terceros:

Algunas de los terceros se encuentran situados o pueden acceder a tus Datos Personales desde países fuera de el Área Económica Europea. Hemos tomado medidas para que las transferencias de Datos Personales cumplan con la normativa pertinente.

7. Your rights.

As a User you have the following rights:

You may exercise these rights at any time and free of charge (In case of repetitive or unreasonable inquiries, Wannaplay is entitled to charge a fee). To exercise these rights you may do so through the Help Center on the Platform.

8. Updates to this Privacy Policy

We might update this Privacy Policy. If we decide to do so, we will inform you before doing so.